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Having “The Homeschool Talk” with your family

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

We just finished up a family meeting. Questions, concerns, and frustrations, we put it all out there and got on the same page.

We held this meeting because recently it was decided that my youngest sister-in-law, the last of my wife’s 7 siblings, should be homeschooled, and her parents asked us to do it. Because of the language barrier, with English as their second language, my in-laws don’t feel equipped to take this on and so requested that my wife and I take the lead.

We have been advocating for the benefits of homeschooling for a long time, but unfortunately many parents, my in-laws included, often have to let things approach a point of desperation before they see just how needed homeschooling is for their family.

Because Meira is the youngest of 8 and has so many adult siblings with influence in her life it was very important for us that all those points of influence are converging on the same goal.

So we called a family meeting. Via Zoom, we had "the homeschool talk". We discussed the situation, came to agreement that homeschooling was the best option, and each person consented to provide whatever help they could to support a successful homeschooling experience.

Oftentimes, parents decide to homeschool independently of all the other influences in their children’s lives. This is certainly their right, but unless you live on an island, it is likely that there are other important people in your life and your child’s life whose support you would benefit from.

Rather than thinking about homeschooling you have to do alone, create a community of supporters around everyone who loves your family and children. Call together grandparents, close friends, church members, pastors, and coaches and help them understand what you are undertaking by homeschooling, why it is the best decision for your family, and secure a commitment to have their help and support in times of need.

By raising a community around your homeschool it ensures that no one is subverting your goals for your children. And if someone important in your life is unwilling to understand and support your decision as parents, then it may be time to reevaluate how much influence that person has in your children’s life.

We all need community, advocacy, and support. If it is missing from your homeschool, then book a free call and see how the Homeschool Mastery Group can help by offering the power of a like minded community.

Bio for Dr. Blake Willard, the founder and lead consultant at Homeschool Mastery Group

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