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Despair is not the answer, but Homeschooling might be

One thing I have found engaging with more and more people with differing views about our country’s educational foibles is that an intelligent conversation is not something most people are looking to have. For many of the progressive ideologues running most levels of the educational system, debate is not even up for discussion. Instead, there is a group of radicalized (I would call them possessed) who would rather shout down anyone who doesn’t buy in enthusiastically to the new cultural agenda. Core tenets of that agenda include the celebration of the culture of death (reworded as “bodily autonomy” and “freedom of choice”), sexual liberation (perversion), gender fluidity (abomination), destruction of the family (that is married mothers and fathers, who have children and attempt to raise them with standards), and anything that is anti-capitalism, anti-Western values, or anti-Christian (religion is fine as long as it is pagan, sensual, and prescribes no morality). 

I have seen too many reasonable people try to engage these zealots who are unprepared to deal with the religious fervor with which they promote their beliefs. Christians are not called to retreat from the world, but to be ambassadors of Christ in it. As a Christian I do have a responsibility to pray for them, demonstrate love and mercy, and to be the salt and light of the world before them. There is not, however, any obligation to turn my children over to the world. That would, in fact, be an abdication of a parent’s biblical responsibility.

Many people who have wholly bought into this destructive worldview, with its glaring spirit of antichrist, are more than willing to be martyrs for their cause. But more than that, they would love to offer your children as a human sacrifice to the bloodlust of their Baals. 

They have no interest in changing the minds of parents, only keeping them out of the way while they infect the minds of someone else's children with cultural poison. The ruling educational elites have little interest in genuine instruction, only in successfully indoctrinating young people to resent the family, the West, the Christian, and any cohesive morality. They offer young people pleasure and “bodily autonomy” in exchange for their souls. In the past some of these more corrosive intentions were veiled, but now many are simply parading as wolves in wolves clothing. 

Many parents have put up some resistance. They are attending the school board meetings and fighting for a change in their children’s schools. Rightly so, but I think many are being driven to the point of despair because they are fighting the possessed with reason, and that only falls on deaf ears. They are neglecting their most effective weapon, often their only weapon, which is to pull their children out of these corrupting institutions and offer them no influence over their children at all. 

Parents are despairing over a failing battle to make public schools work for them. Offering their children a good education is so important for parents, but few public schools are offering such an education. Most are serving evil and calling it good, and it is hurting children and families. 

The only option for many families, which may well be the best option as well, is to opt to homeschool their children. It may not be a parent's first choice, they may feel ill equipped to do so, they may have to rearrange their entire life, including their finances, but homeschooling is still the only option and likely the best option for most families. In homeschooling the volume of all the cultural toxicity can simply be turned off. Parents don’t have to engage with that which is evil, and can instead begin filling their children’s minds with things that are true, good, and beautiful. 

When someone doesn’t have a vision for the future it leads to despair. But I would encourage every parent that loves their children and cares about their education to open their eyes to what their children can have and who they can become. They can have an education from the most trusted adults in their lives—their parents. They can be exposed to good, true, and beautiful things, and fill their minds with them, and be prepared to take those values out into the world. They can learn in a way that suits their unique giftedness, their strengths and weaknesses, and allows them to learn at their own pace. They can ask hard questions without fear of the idealogues. They can learn unobstructed from bullying and negative social pressures. They can experience wholeness as they have a wholesome education where their own identity is secured before it can be tainted by the malevolent when they are at their most vulnerable. 

Parents can begin to see who their children really are, and help them reach to be the best version of themselves. They can put the faith and values of their family at the forefront of their education and give them something solid to stand on when the world shakes around them.

Homeschooling offers a better vision for the future that starts with each individual family investing in what is most important to them. This is ultimately the solution to the cultural subversion and destruction being offered by others. These subversives, by and large, are not having children or raising families, so the children we raise and the families that our children bring forth into the future will ultimately outlast and outlive these evils. 

I am not pushing for a new Eden apart from the return of Christ. But I am a firm believer in good stewardship. I am pushing for parents to steward their children’s hearts and understand them to be their most valuable resource, worthy of protection and further investment. This vision casts off despair and provides a real solution to what otherwise looks like a very dismal problem. 

Are you convinced that now is the time to homeschool? Let me help you get started and offer a community of like-minded parents, so you have solid footing as you begin this new adventure homeschooling.

Or shoot me a message to find out more about getting started on your homeschooling journey:


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