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Addressing Your Homeschool Critics

When a parent considers homeschooling for the first time, opponents of homeschooling love to plant their own fears, insecurities, and doubts into that parent looking for a better option for his or her children. These naysayers will raise all kinds of concerns and feel you have an obligation to put them at ease. 

Though you are never obligated to give a justification to others of what you know to be best for your children, it is still good to remind ourselves of the answers.

They will protest things like:

What about socialization? 

Answer: Children don’t learn proper socialization from their peers, but from modeling that comes from their parents and trusted adults. 

Don’t you want them to have a “normal” education?

Answer: No, what is normal is a glaring failure, and I believe my children deserve the best and have chosen the option that will give them just that.

But you don’t have a teaching background.

Answer: I have been teaching my children their whole lives. Teaching degrees do not make for good teachers. No one knows my child’s needs better than I do, nor has the patience and care to make sure they receive the education which pushes them to be the best version of themself. And, if our public education doesn't prepare us to teach others, then why would I give my children the same type of education with the knowledge that they will not be prepared to teach anyone either? 

When will you get a break?

Answer: My children are a gift and a blessing and I have no intention of retreating from them. The need for a break from them is nothing more than giving one’s self permission to be self-centered. When I see my children as the creatures of immeasurable value that they are, then I don’t need breaks from them, but can instead build peace and rest into our schedules and take breaks with them. 

Aren’t you concerned that your children won’t get a good education?

Answer: Yes, that is why I have decided to homeschool them. They were not offered a good education in public schools. Now I can give them the best education. 

How will you teach them advanced subjects, like science and mathematics?

Answer: I will teach my children the skills to be lifelong learners. Everything they learn will not come from me, many things they learn they will teach themselves about things they are interested in. They will even teach me many things. If there is something they need to learn, and I don’t know it, then we will learn it together and everyone will be better for it. I am not afraid of learning, so my children don’t have to be either. 

What if you need support?

Answer: I am not afraid to seek support if I need it. I have sought and gained the support of my spouse, my children, my family and friends, and other like minded people who desire the best for their children. I don’t keep people in my sphere of influence who do not support the most important things to our family. Homeschoolers are awesome and there are so many places to find good people and quality resources to support our homeschool. 

How will you homeschool multiple children of different abilities?

Answer: All children have different abilities. Our homeschool is not rushed or pressured, so my children are able to learn at their own pace. Older children learn responsibility and reinforce knowledge by helping the younger ones. And all of our relationships are strengthened by supporting one another and depending on one another. Plus so many things we learn can be learned together, and I need only adjust expectations based on each child’s ability. 

As each homeschooler knows, or will find out, this list could be so much longer. But for every potential critique of homeschooling there is an answer that can serve to further solidify in parents’ minds why it is truly the best form of education for their family. 

Don’t let naysayers get in your head. Instead, get in theirs and offer them some enlightening facts about why homeschooling is the best, and they are likely missing out. 


Get the help you need for successful and sustainable homeschooling.


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