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Homeschooling Avoids Unlearning A Bad Education

Unlearning bad habits takes far longer than learning correct habits from the start. A reality that plays out the most clearly in music and sports. Whether you are learning an instrument or a new athletic technique, learning it right the first time is huge. This is because as you advance in your practice and implementation, that bad habit will inevitably hold you back from reaching some further milestones. That means before progressing forward, those who learned bad habits have to first go back and “unlearn” the bad habits they have put in place and painstakingly replace them with better ones.

This pedagogical truth that learning things correctly saves untold amounts of time and grief is as true in education in general as it is in music and sports specifically. It is also yet another great reason for parents to homeschool. Because so many schools and curriculums are inundated with false and corrosive ideologies, social problems, and poor educational practices, simply avoiding the toxicity involved in so many public schools will ultimately save parents and families untold amounts of time and grief.

The best solution to many of the problems in modern schools is to sidestep those problems altogether. This is what homeschooling offers to so many families. Parents can pour into their children without the long battle of undoing countless traumas, insecurities, and lies which they would have otherwise picked up in traditional schools. This is one of many reasons why homeschool parents can accomplish so much more in their children’s education, with less time, than traditional schools can achieve even on their best day.


Homeschooling does not mean parents have to remain alone...


A parent considering homeschooling, but insecure about their abilities to lead their children’s education does not have to let fear or isolation prevent them from offering their children the best form of education. Although homeschooling means by definition parent led, it does not mean parents have to remain alone in their efforts to give their children the best. Finding community and support is often a huge step toward making homeschooling sustainable for a family.

At the Homeschool Mastery Group, parents have quick access to the support of a Christian teacher and administrator, as well as the encouragement and support of a like minded group of parent educators also seeking to grow and offer their children the best. In addition to support and community, members also get to invest in themselves through personal development, growing in confidence as parent educators, avoiding the problems others have already struggled through, and ultimately giving their children the education they deserve.


Begin getting the help you need for successful and sustainable homeschooling.

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