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Dr. Blake Willard

Dr. Blake Willard

Blake Willard is the founder and lead consultant at Homeschool Mastery Group. He brings over 12 years of experience in Christian education and leadership having worked with at-risk youth, church ministry, classical education, hybrid-model schools, and launched a Christian startup school. 


Blake began his career in education immediately after graduating from Azusa Pacific University with a degree in Biblical Studies, moving from Los Angeles to the woods of North Carolina where he served as a counselor and teacher at Cameron Boys Camp. In this wilderness setting, Blake learned how to help at-risk youth overcome social, emotional, physical, and educational trauma and gain confidence and competence for the challenges of life.​

Blake eventually moved into a supervisory role, where he became a master-teacher of the philosophy and methodology of experiential wilderness education. While serving as a supervisor, he also completed his Master of Education in Organizational Leadership, gaining more experience in running organizations and developing curriculum and training to improve both the efficiency and quality of wilderness education across multiple organizations.

He later transitioned into the dual roles of minister and educator, serving as both the Director of Christian Education at Sandhills Presbyterian Church and as a teacher and administrator at Covenant Preparatory School. In and out of the classroom, Blake made it his primary goal to build both spiritual and educational confidence in parents and students alike.


To further strengthen his abilities as a Christian educator, Blake then completed his Doctorate in Educational Ministry with an emphasis in Biblical Spirituality from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He was able to take this spiritual and professional training back into the classroom, where he conducted researched-based studies on equipping parents to be primary disciple-makers of their children with the help of professional educational staff.​​


Blake later transitioned to Las Vegas, Nevada as the founding principal of Capstone Christian Academy. There Blake made it his mission to find and bring the right people to Capstone. Both the staff and parents served are a part of a growing community with the potential to bring positive change to the Vegas Valley. Within its first year, he led Capstone to enroll 125 new students, achieved profitability, and raised over a million dollars in grants, all while operating debt-free. Blake has a love for children, families and a passion for evangelism and discipleship. With the conviction that parents have the highest calling and responsibility toward their children and can be better equipped to lead and educate them through homeschooling as an ideal educational format, in January of 2023, Dr. Willard started Homeschool Mastery Group to equip, empower, and encourage parents to  homeschool well.

Dr. Blake Willard, Students

  • D. Ed. Min from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

  • Former Founding Principal at Capstone Christian Academy

  • Former Dean of Admissions at Covenant Preparatory School

  • Former Supervisor at Cameron Boys Camp

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